These two…*sigh* 😭

These two…*sigh* 😭


Kara Thrace through the years

Kara Thrace,Number Six and Sharon Valerii

"You have to make peace with your past."


"Because that part of you is gone. I told you when I first came aboard this ship that you had changed. I look at you now and I don’t see Kara Thrace. I see… an angel blazing with the light of God.  An angel eager to lead her people home."

Battlestar Galactica, 4x07, “The Road Less Traveled”

I LOVE YOUR BLOG OKAY? I just finished the last episode of battlestar and I'm still so done with everything and your blog looks amazing and I guess I'll be crying soon so...hiiiiii <3

Oh no, don’t cry! Thanks though, glad you enjoy the blog. I always feel conflicted for those who just finished the show. On one hand, I’m glad they stayed along for the ride! But on the other hand I know the severe depression that comes with that finale. Stay strong, nugget! :-)


For fleurdulys

Various expressions of Kara Thrace