That is why we gotta get what we can. Right now.


You dumb motherfrakker. I only married you because it was safe and it was easy, Sam, and you were just pathetic enough to go along with it.

Make me feel something. I dare you.


All Along The Watchtower - BSG “Crossroads Pt. 2” S3x20

"…I love you like a daughter"


Completed Thrace.

I know what you are. You’re my daughter. Don’t forget it.

How is the Vice President, by the way? I don’t know. Haven’t seen him. So he’s a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy, I guess. I guess. Ships just pass in the night. Yup. Didn’t mean a thing. Nope. Just bored. Looking for something to do. So frakking the Vice President of the Colonies just seemed like a great way to waste some time.

"where are we going with this, lee?"
"well, now that’s the question, isn’t it? where are we going?”


Kara Thrace vs. Number Six